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Align your spine and remain temperature neutral or cool on a pillow that's fit just for you.

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Airflow Certified

Our innovative products are designed to ensure continuous airflow and maximum breathability.

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Moisture Wicking

Reduce heat and stay sweat free. Our products are designed to fight humidity, ensuring a comfortable dry sleep environment.

Be Selfish in Bed

With the New M3 Performance Mattress

Independent Suspension™

Independent SuspensionTM units are interchangeable support layers that allow you to choose the firmness for each side of the bed. Made with hundreds of individually wrapped coils, each unit works independently to provide responsive support that caters to your preferences so you never have to compromise on comfort.

Customized Responsive Support

Each unit works independently for customized, responsive support while limiting motion transfer throughout the bed.

Removable & Recyclable

If your comfort preference changes over time, simply remove your Independent SuspensionTM unit and swap it for a new one.




Medium Firm


Medium Plush



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Performance Mattresses

Our mattresses are designed with continuous airflow and patented technologies to help the body naturally regulate its temperature and adapt to you as you sleep, allowing enhanced recovery.

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Performance Pillows

Our pillows are built to help you balance your temperature and are offered in different heights for personalized fit.

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Performance Protectors

Our breathable mattress protectors are designed with a noiseless waterproof barrier to help you sleep clean, healthy and comfortable throughout the night.

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