Why Can't I Sleep? How BedFIT Can Help with Sleep Disorders

March 20 2023 by Bill Welles

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What is a Sleep Disorder?

How Can BedFIT Help?

Sleep Problems the Right Mattress Can Help With

Why Trust Mattress Land?

Have you spent more than one night in the past week wondering to yourself: why can't I sleep? If you have sleep problems, we have solutions. It's very common to have difficulty sleeping, but that doesn't mean it's enjoyable. A National Sleep Foundation poll found that 74% of American adults experience a sleeping problem a few nights a week or more, 39% get less than seven hours of sleep each weeknight, and more than one in three (37%) are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with daily activities.

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Poor sleep can be linked to declining work performance, relationship strain, and increased mood swings of anger and depression. Chronic sleep loss can even become a factor of more severe ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. And if you haven't replaced your mattress in close to a decade, it's gained more than enough unhealthy dust mites to contribute to allergies and asthma.

What is a Sleep Disorder?

Sleeping disorders are a group of conditions that affect the ability to sleep well. Some people have trouble falling asleep, while others wake up frequently during the night or early in the morning. Still others have problems staying asleep. Anyone can experience a sleeping disorder at any time, but they are more common among people who work night shifts, travel frequently, or have irregular sleep schedules.

There are many different types of sleeping disorders, but the most common ones include insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for long periods of time. Sleep apnea is a condition in which people stop breathing for short periods during the night. Restless legs syndrome is a condition in which people have an irresistible urge to move their legs, often accompanied by feelings of discomfort.

Sleeping disorders can cause a variety of problems, including fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and depression. 

How Can BedFIT Help?

As you can see, sleep is a crucial part of our health and vitality. If your body is lacking sleep due to ongoing sleep disorders, your overall well-being could be taking a serious hit. Luckily, our BedFIT diagnostic process can help if you suffer from a variety of sleep disorders. Your BedFIT support rating will provide you a score to a list of mattresses that will match your necessary sleep type. If you need more support, an adjustable powerbase, or your ideal foundation, BedFIT will find a mattress that is the answer to your body's needs.

Sadly, more people are dependent on sleep aids than ever before. The problem is, the real deterrent of poor sleep is the mattress you're sleeping on. Relying on medication to fall asleep while lying on the wrong sleep surface can cause you to wake feeling less rested. If your body is fitted with the correct support and comfort level, your need for medication can be reduced or completely eliminated.

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Sleep Problems

People can experience different types of sleep disorders, which can make it difficult for them to get a good night's sleep. One common sleep disorder is insomnia, which is characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep. Other sleep disorders include narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea.

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, it is important to consult with a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. There are also some lifestyle changes that can help, such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed, establishing a regular sleep schedule, and creating a calm and comfortable environment in your bedroom.

In addition to lifestyle changes, another way to improve your sleep is by investing in a quality mattress. A good mattress can provide the support and comfort you need to sleep soundly through the night. BedFIt is a technology that specializes in helping people find the best mattresses for their needs. At Mattress Land, we offer a wide range of options from leading brands, so you can find the perfect mattress for you. Below are some of the common sleep problems people experience. With the right mattress, you could experience relief from many of these common sleep disorders.


If you are unable to fall asleep, stay asleep at night, or wake up with an intense feeling of fatigue, you might be suffering from insomnia. Many find relief by switching to a sleep surface that provides the necessary support and comfort so the sleeper can find the proper alignment needed for deep, restorative sleep.

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Sleep Apnea

If you thought excessive snoring, snorting, or gasping sounds at night were just a part of your nightly slumber, sleep apnea might actually be the culprit. Along with feelings of restlessness, morning headaches, and extreme fatigue, these are all symptoms of apnea. It can be caused by many different factors and can even be life-threating if not handled properly.

A proper sleep surface should be a top priority in order to get the quantity and quality of sleep you need. The best mattress for sleep apnea is one that helps lull you gently to sleep. A mattress that can be adjusted to fit your exact needs can positively impact deeper sleep and staying asleep in one spot for longer.

Does Sleeping Sitting Up Help Sleep Apnea?

There are a few different recommended sleeping positions to help improve sleep apnea. If you elevate your head by raising your bed, this can improve your symptoms. In addition to a new mattress, an adjustable base may also be a solution you should consider.

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Head & Neck Pain

A recurring complaint from our customers is head and neck pain. The reason being, when most people are on the hunt for a new mattress, they rarely consider the importance of a good pillow when it comes to the quality of their sleep. A properly fitted pillow based on sleeping style, key measurements, and body position can drastically improve your sleep. That's why we are always sure to test you for the proper pillow using our BedFIT diagnostic process. The BedFIT system can help determine the best pillow for neck pain.

Back Pain

If you're one of the millions of people who suffer from back pain, you know how difficult it can be to get a good night's sleep. While there are many things you can do to help ease your back pain, choosing the right mattress is one of the most important.

A good mattress should be firm enough to support your back, but not so hard that it causes pressure points. It should also be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

If you're struggling to find a mattress that meets all of these criteria, BedFIT may be able to help. BedFIT is a unique mattress fitting system that takes into account your individual sleeping habits and preferences to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs.

With BedFIT, you'll start by taking a short quiz that will help our team understand your sleep habits and preferences. From there, we'll use our proprietary algorithms to match you with the perfect mattress. We have a wide range of options available, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you.

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Tossing & Turning

It's common to toss and turn at night—for some, upwards of 40-60 times each night. But how much depends on the correct fit of your mattress. Tossing and turning is actually caused by excessive skin, body pressure, and a lack of support that cuts off circulation. This constant movement to find the right circulation and support can also be a factor of fibromyalgia.

You might find yourself with tender joints, muscles, and tendons and require a sleep surface that offers a low-tension pressure so you can stay in one place at night. If you're experiencing this constant interruption to your sleep cycle, it can prevent the deep REM stages that are necessary for restorative sleep.

Acid Reflux

When wondering ‘why can't I sleep,' it's understandable we don't immediately blame our gut. However, acid reflux affects the sleep of many. Too many individuals ignore this condition that can be reduced by a sensible diet, regular exercise, and the proper sleep position. Elevating the top of your bed 3-6 inches prevents acid from flowing into the esophagus at night while you sleep. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about your partner who prefers to sleep flat—split foundations with individual adjustments have made it so everyone can find the perfect position for reading, relaxing, and dreaming.

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Mattress Land takes the guesswork out of finding the best mattress for your body and sleep type with our exclusive BedFIT diagnostic process. Whether you suffer from sleep disorders or you simply want to experience the best sleep of your life, we can fit you and your sleep partner with a mattress that perfectly matches each side to your exact profile.

Why Trust Mattress Land?

Since 1996, Mattress Land has been making strides in the mattress industry to provide our customers the sleep experience they need — and deserve. We do that by offering the ultimate customer experience, complete with our trained experts, BedFITâ„¢ computerized diagnostics, and our impressive showroom. We'll make sure that you find the right sleep solution for your sleeping habits so you can feel energized in your day-to-day life.

We are also proud of our diverse, employee-driven culture, where our teams work hard toward a common goal. We know that better sleep makes all the difference, and our commitment to changing the landscape of traditional mattress shopping is how we know Mattress Land is one of the best mattress stores around.

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